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Royal Mail

Royal Mail

“The blend of creativity, rigour, and verve swiftly united a workshop of 40+ individuals from multiple business functions with seniority ranging from junior staff to senior execs. The outcome greatly exceeded expectations. Human Zoo comes highly recommended.”

Simon Gibson
Transformation Manager
Royal Mail

Rival courier companies in the UK launched services allowing customers to track parcels and then sign for them using handheld PDA’s. The Royal Mail had to respond in kind.

This triggered one of the largest change programmes in the UK.

In order to develop an internal communications programme, we brought together all stakeholders including managers, distribution depot managers, postmen, drivers, Trades Union Representatives, learning and development, marketing, sales, client relationships management and business directors.

We found a major flaw in the process which would require changes to working practice. Trades Union representatives sat with management to resolve changes within minutes of the issue being identified – and resolving it minutes later.

Participants identified key training and development needs, which resulted in an award winning training programme.

And key communication requirements were articulated and a timetable for every layer of the project created, resulting in a complete internal communications programme.

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