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“We worked with Simon in the planning stages of our new company agenda21. Launching a new ad agency into a cluttered marketplace needed a different approach that informed everything from how we approach clients to how we behave as a group of individuals so that we could stand out for all the right reasons. Simon's help was pivotal in terms of getting our story right - so much so that even now almost 2 years on, it still guides the way we do business.”

Nick Suckley

Founder, agenda21


”…corporate training that is illuminating, effective - and fun! Most conventional courses apply 'one size fits all' methodologies to complex interpersonal relationships; providing sticking plasters rather than real solutions, techniques instead of insights. By contrast, Elevator addresses fundamental aspects of human behaviour that rewrite individuals' ability to address the challenges they face in their professional and personal lives.”

Iain Halpin

Consulting Director, Pleon


“Just wanted to say a BIG thank-you for the Workshop. Have chatted to a few branches and the feedback is very positive, not just in terms of the session itself and the content you covered, but also a feeling of being energised and re-motivated by the workshop. Some very happy delegates and their managers out there!”

Ian Hicks

Development Manager, Bradford & Bingley


“You helped us uncover insight for ourselves - through doing not talking. And you came at it from angles which were uniquely different to any standard research techniques. For those who like getting their hands dirty not just theorising endlessly.”

Atif Sheikh

?What If!


“Elevator’s training is inspirational and hugely effective at engaging staff “to dance out of their socks”. For customer facing staff he’s the Dogs Cat’s Whiskers, you’ll find him unbeatable (and I’m happy to give a reference anytime 07780 666 475)”

Mark Sinclair

CEO, Quickheart


“The workshop was a highlight in our London Event. It was a very motivational and inspiring session and gave real added value to our customers and the sales team. Thanks – we’ll do it again.”

Sigrid Bachert

Mktg Mngr Germany, ABSOLUT VODKA


“Elevator connects brand owners and brand communicators with the reality of consumers as human animals - the motivations and behaviours that lie beneath the surface, unrecoverable by conventional 'conscious' research. Their understanding of the significance of possessions and brands, why people worship them and the rituals that surround them, shed unique creative insights into how to make them appeal to the unconscious, as well as the conscious mind.”

Simon Sholl

Planning Director, Siebert Head


"What Elevator does brilliantly, is provide new perspectives.  The management session they ran, gave us a whole new set of techniques for dealing with age old issues. Their approach opens up your mind to a fresh way of thinking that really sinks in and is genuinely useable. We've seen a marked improvement in the way we work together and manage the business.

Elevator techniques are equally illuminating for brands too.  Insightful, relevant, creative and entertaining, the Elevator approach stretches thinking in new directions that provide fresh impetus to brand development."

Elsa Tye



‘’The best money we ever spent’’

Jon Everett

CEO, Benross Golf


‘’It is the first time since we started the company that someone has been able to encapsulate what it is that we do that makes our business so different.’’

Renato Rufus

MD, Simple Investments

Creating the extraordinary

We help businesses and brands become extraordinary...

we apply insight into human behaviour:

  • to understand what motivates consumers to purchase
  • to develop and evolve positive cultures as companies grow

we apply Commercial Creativity to;

  • help maximise the potential of existing products and services
  • develop new products, services, brands and channels
  • deliver innovative solutions to address both problems and opportunities
  • deliver differentiated positioning, propositions and brands
  • generate sustainable competitive advantage

 We provide business adrenaline

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