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“We worked with Simon on a one-day workshop. He had to work with a pretty dry topic and some project fatigued staff however he managed to envigorate us all, help us find a different approach and drive the results we were looking for. Excellent day and I’d welcome working with him again.”


Telstra were bidding for a significant defence contractors business and were fatigued and ‘snow blind’ after 9 months of process.

The client procurement programme was focussed on making a level playing field.

Human Zoo was asked to help the team make the field uneven again…

We worked on uncovering their story, so that they could tell the client why they should be hired. They came to the conclusion that it was their culture: founded in Australia, Telstra had a Mick Dundee culture born out of an extreme environment. Their culture made them fit for extreme situations – as when the extreme weather events cause things to go wrong.

As a result of their discovery, the team changed the company induction process. The sales team drew up a new list of prospects who would be interested in, and who would reinforce their positioning. And they were able to walk into the pitch with great confidence with a story to tell that would make the playing field uneven again.

On leaving the workshop the marketing director said “thank you for putting the brand back at the heart of the pitch”.

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