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A sky driver with a dream: turn an ex MoD vertical wind tunnel into the world’s largest bodyflight simulator.

In order to raise the investment to create the facility and launch the business, we helped him to analyse the market, identify all the potential customer groups for the facility, and create a commercial strategy to maximise the potential of those groups, including the sky diving community, international sky driving teams, the ‘leisure experience’ sector (Red Letter Days) and the corporate reward and team building sectors.

We helped develop a compelling plan that highlighted the unique nature and commercial potential of the business in order to attract investors.

We helped to vision a centre that went beyond a simple body flight simulator and offered residential facilities, other extreme sport pursuits to broaden the appeal and provide activities for those fliers not in the tunnel.

The result was an extreme sport brand that could ultimately move beyond skydiving to enable the business to grow beyond the one facility.

Bodyflight achieved funding for the plan created, and enabled the business to become the world’s premier sky diving venue within two years.

The original facility, near Bedford, installed the countries first ‘double’ Flowrider in 2010 and the Business is now opening other Flowrider sites in the UK.

Bodyflight is now one of the country’s leading and most innovative extreme sport brands.

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